Kalehan Hotel
DOORS OPENING to Culture and History
Kalehan Hotel
DOORS OPENING to Culture and History
Kalehan Hotel
DOORS OPENING to Culture and History
Kalehan Hotel
DOORS OPENING to Culture and History
Kalehan Hotel
DOORS OPENING to Culture and History


Enter a World of Heritage and Hospitality where culture and traditon becomes an Experience.

Authentic, historical hotel with a strong family feel, built and landscaped in the style of an Ottoman inn around a large attractive garden  at the heart of Unesco World Heritage Site.

“We keep the spirit alive from our early days  and want our guests to connect to our story. We enjoy sharing our cultural heritage on every corner.”

  • Collection of plates, textiles, old documents, antique keys…
  • A tableside book on secrets of Ephesus
  • Wedding Gown from 1863 worn by our great grandmother
  • Local flavours by the cozy fire
  • Cooling off at the pool beneath the 6th century Castle


All rustically furnished rooms with different handmade furniture…

Rooms individually and tastefully decorated with rustic ambience. Mostly handmade furniture used from recycled wood.

Antique furniture and unique decorations reflect the cultural heritage of the family with a welcome touch of modernity.

Taksim Nis Hotel
Taksim Nis Hotel
Taksim Nis Hotel
Taksim Nis Hotel


We love Fresh

We love Local

We love Culture

We love Music

We love People…

Kalehan Hotel
Kalehan Hotel
Kalehan Hotel Kalehan Hotel Kalehan Hotel

Places to Visit

3 km. – 30 minutes walking distance. 8000 years of history, one of the grandest restorated ancient sites in the world. Celsius Library built to store 14000scrolls is the third largest library of the ancient World. The Grand Theatre with a capacity of 24000 seats is a magnificent structure. Huge Arcadian Street leading to Harbour, Beautiful Temple of Hadrian and the Church of Mary where two councils of early Christianity are assumed to have been held within are some of the great structures. Terrace Houses with beautiful mosaics and frescoes reflect the life during the Roman period.
10 min walking distance. Built in Byzantine period, later used by Selcuk Turks and Ottomans with additions. It has streets, cistern, a chapel and a mosque inside.
9 km. Historic village. After the population exchange with Greece, Greeks have left and Turks have settled in keeping the authenticity of the village. Picturesque nature with orchards and vineyards. Famous for its wine, olive oil and artifacts.
8 km. Catholic and Muslim shrine, where Mary, the mother of Jesus is believed to have been taken to this stone house by St.John and lived there until her Assumption. It has been visited by several popes, most recent in 2006 by Pope Benedict XVI.
House of Mary
10 min walking distance. Constructed in 6th century, stands over the believed burial site of John the Apostle.
Basilica of St. John
10 min walking distance. Remarkable local museum housing all the major finds from Ephesus including the great statue of Artemis.
Ephesus Museum


We take pride in our legacy want our guests  to connect  to our story...

Throughout the years Kalehan has attracted cultural conscious travellers and has been visited
by some wellknown names like:

Ord. Prof. Ekrem Akurgal, Japanese Prince Takahito Mikasa, Princess Margaret, Semra & Turgut Ozal, Naim Suleymanoglu, J.M. Coetzee, Earl Spencer(brother of Lady Diana), Part Two Crew – Denmark, Haluk Bayulgen, Vahit Halefoglu, Prof. Oktay Sinanoglu, Ahmet Ertegun, Lord Warwick, Mumtaz Soysal, BBC TV crew, Sumiko Sakamoto, Walfuido Maus Guia – Minister of Brasil, Marc Schloss BBC Photographer...